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See Spilled Oil, Spray, Walk Away!


The easy green way to clean up spilled oil from grass, soil, water, building sites and domestic kerosene spills. S-200 OilGone is 100% eco-friendly liquid. Approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency and included on the U.S. Oil Spill National Contingency Plan, S200 OilGone is the fast, effective way to safely clean up oil spills. The Product contains no chemicals or detergents and is safe to use around flora and fauna. Slick Solutions helping mother nature to keep our planet clean.See

United States Environmental Protection Agency

PRP Powder

Developed in the null-gravity of space, PRP (Petroleum Remediation Product) is a perfect crystalline structure manufactured from Bees Wax that bonds with any spilled oil or fuel and eradicates it. PRP is a 100% natural product and contains no chemicals. It is completely inert and non-toxic. It is used for the bio-remediation of heavier oil spills such as metallic or motor oils. . It is an all natural hydrocarbon absorbent that attracts and stimulates the natural microbial population to degrade oil on land or water.



Bioremediation is the process of using naturally occurring, safe and beneficial micro organisms (microbes) to break down environmentally harmful contaminants and turn them into non-toxic compounds. In particular, these microbes will break down most petroleum hydrocarbons and transform them into CO2 (carbon dioxide) and H2O (water). There is nothing left over and the products are safe to use around flora and fauna. Our Bioremediation products include S200 Liquid and PRP Powder and Booms.

Merlin Olsen, NFL and Little House on the Prairie star narrates the many advantages and simplicity of use of our NASA Hall of Fame products.  Green technology developed in space to help keep this planet’s environment  safe. At present we only have one planet to call home, help us to keep it clean.

Hydraulic Oil Spill on Green

A major hydraulic oil spill occurred on the 10th Green of Milltown Golf Club in 2017.  Corrective procedures would normally take many months and cost many thousands of Euros.  Using S200 OilGone, the hydraulic oil was completely eradicated, the Green only being out of play for a week. 

Hydraulic Oil on Green
Domestic Heating Oil Spills

Spills and leaks from commercial and domestic oil tanks are a very common occurrence, caused either by the refilling of tanks or as the result of leaks. Very often old metal tanks corrode and start leaking oil onto the ground around the tank. S200 OilGone eradicates the spilled fuel in situ and is safe to use around animals and all flora.

PRP Removes Oil safely from wildlife.

Watch how PRP Powder, a 100% environmentally safe product,  can clean oil and other hydrocarbons from the feathers of sea birds, safely, quickly and without in any way harming the bird or the integrity of their feathers.

Spilled hydrocarbon liquids such as Petrol, Diesel, Antifreeze bond with S200 OilGone  within minutes of contact. The hydrocarbon becomes non-viscous and non-toxic and the naturally occurring microbes within the matrix turn the hydrocarbon into carbon dioxide and water. There is nothing left to take away. See Spilled Oil, Spray, Walk Away!

World Wide Approvals

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