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This page contains “proof of use” of our green technology products.   It contains: summary data of case studies and links to  full reports on those case studies and  appropriate accreditation documents.


The analytical results for various projects and case studies are listed below. Each document lists the facts relating to the work done and the analysis which was carried out by independent laboratories.

our technical team

Thomas M. Eustace B.Comm. M.B.S.

Technical Director

Technical Director specialising in the bio-remediation of Hydrocarbons such as diesel, petrol, aviation fuel,  engine oil, hydraulic oil, and compounds such as cresol wood preservative and antifreeze.  S200 OilGone® technology turns hydrocarbons into carbon dioxide and water in situ. There is no residue.

Domestic Kerosene Spill

Kerosene oil spill in Drogheda, Ireland eradicated with the application of S200 OilGone liquid.  All the contaminated soil was exposed to air and sprayed with product. 99.99% of the oil was bioremediated within two months

Boiler House Spill

In this case a pipe feeding kerosene into a boiler leaked contaminating both the boiler house and the soil outside with Kerosene.  The travel path of the oil was mapped.  S200 OilGone was pumped into a matrix of drill holes into the concrete walls and floor. The soil was treated in a similar manner to the case study preceding this one. 99% of the contaminate was eradicated within three months. Of note, the odour of spilled oil was eradicated within 48 hours.

Learn from the very best

We have extensive knowledge in the eradication of oil spills on land, sea and water.  We can provide guidance in the prevention, survey and treatment of hydrocarbon spills.

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