NASA Space Technology Hall of Fame Product

Nanobite Powder (Petroleum Remediation Product) was developed by NASA scientists to deal with oil spills as part of the space shuttle programme. It is what is known as a total hydrocarbon remediation product.

nasa panel 600

Nanobite powder has bees wax as it core ingredient, and nanotechnology allows the wax micro spheres to adsorb and degrade even the smallest particle of oil in water or on land.  Once the hydrocarbon has been absorbed by the wax spheres it cannot escape, and microbes in the environment eat the oil until it is all gone – a matter of days.

This means oil, diesel, petrol, hydraulic fluid and other hydrocarbon spills can be safely and naturally cleaned up in situ using Nanobite Powder. Nanobite Powder is the result of innovative work by scientists at NASA and has been awarded a NASA Product Hall of Fame certificate.

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