300L Engine Oil Spill

S-200 OilGone was selected to contain and eradicate naturally a 300 Litres engine oil spill that occurred at the Bega Creek, Bega town lakes and river in NSW, Australia

 The cleanup consists of eradicating engine oil spills that has covered the water surface and embedded itself onto the river banks and flora located there,

 S-200 OilGone was selected because of its impressive track record in being able to completely remediate the oil without damaging the local flora or fauna

Historic methods not effective

Absorbent booms and pads were initially applied to the spill. While these helped stop the spread of the contamination, they did nothing to eradicate the actual engine oil.

 In addition, these booms and pads when congealed with spent oil had to be collected and sent to an approved waste disposal site for destruction.

 This process was time consuming, messy and expensive

 S200 OilGone is selected after successful trial application on bridge and foreshore construction spills

S-200 OilGone Applied

S-200 OilGone is sprayed on the spilled engine oil.  The indigenous bacteria then degrade the hydrocarbon into CO² and water.

 No hazardous waste issues No foreign bacteria are brought onto the site.

 -200 OilGone instantly adheres to the hydrocarbon so rain, wind, wave actions do not affect the bioremediation action of the process.

 S-200 OilGone DOES NOT WASH AWAY, thus eliminating secondary applications after rain, etc.

Sheen & Smell Eradicated

With application of S-200 OilGone both the dark black presence of the oil is eradicated, and all sheen is removed from the water surface.

This is due to the process of encapsulation whereby the oil is taken inside the S-200 OilGone matrix where the locally occurring microbes feast on the trapped oil, turning it into carbon dioxide and water.

 This is the start of the remediation process.

4 Weeks Success

4 weeks after application of S-200 OilGone all the engine oil is remediated from both the surface of the water in the creek and the flora lining the river banks.

 Estimated cost of traditional “Dig & Haul” clean-up process  Aus$300,000.

Total cost of S-200 OilGone + Man Power for clean-up project Aus$20,000.

Bega Creek Clean & Pristine

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