River Boyne Oil Spill

Largest Boyne Oil Spill

Thursday the 6th of September, 2007 the local media report on what is considered to be the largest oil spill ever seen on the River Boyne in Drogheda, Ireland. The spill is reported to the environment sections of Drogheda Borough Council and subsequently Louth County Council. 

Due to  the environmentally  sensitive  nature of the Boyne, with  its  fresh water / salt water  interface,  its unique habitat  and  bird  sanctuaries  a product  that  would break-up  and  clean  the  spill  without damaging the habitat or wildlife  was  needed. S-200 OilGone Bioremediation solution met and surpassed all these requirements

River Boyne Ol Spill

River Rescue

A coastguard helicopter was summoned to locate the source and size of the slick.   Booms were laid across the river by the attending Fire Brigade and Coastguard so as to contain the oil as much as possible. Local volunteer groups helped in the spraying of S-200 OilGone onto the water surface.

Oil is eradicated Swiftly

S-200 OilGone encapsulates the oil on contact within its matrix. Local occurring bacteria feast on the oil in an accelerated state, turning the oil into carbon dioxide and water. Then the bacteria eat the matrix itself and return unchanged to the local environment. There is no residue. Nothing to clean-up. Within minutes of adhering to the oil, the sheen has disappeared.

Saves Wildlife

OIl removed from birds and nesting areas using PRP Powder. Simply apply to nesting areas and let it eradicate the oil without disturbing or damaging the birds. The wild fowl suffered no duress during this procedure and their nesting areas were completely cleared of oil. 

River Boyne - 3 Hours after Treatment

S-200 OilGone was  approved for use in combating oil spills in sensitive environmental areas by Drogheda Borough Council.

  • The spraying of the River Boyne commenced at 11:00 hours and was completed by 14:00 hours.  By the end of that time period, you would not have known that there had been an oil spill as all traces of oil had been neutralised.
  • The oil had not vanished; it had been taken inside the S-200 matrix, where naturally occurring microbes would digest the oil in a matter of days leaving nothing but carbon dioxide and water
Drogheda Borough council

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