Caltex Refinery kurnell NSW

Caltex Soil Remediation

A test batch of 500 cu metres of refinery contaminated soil was selected to trial the effectiveness of S-200 Oil the Kurnell Caltex Refinery, NSW, Australia.

Contaminated soil from tank sediment, spills areas around leaky pipes and headers is deposited at the refinery land farm

Average TPH loading is 36,000 ppm

Target Total TPH is 10,000 ppm for refinery usage

S-200 Bonds to Oil

S200 OilGone liquid can simply be sprayed onto any area covered in oil. It bonds with the oil and will not be washed away by the incoming tide. As S200 OilGone floats, it can also be carried in by the incoming tide to areas which are hard to reach such as caves and coastal fissures.

Contaminated soil is spread at 0.5m thickness in a bunded area

S200 Oil Gone is applied initially and after 2 weeks with soil being turned over weekly

Oil is eradicated naturally

S-200 OilGone encapsulates the oil within its matrix. Local occurring bacteria feast on the oil in an accelerated state, turning the oil into carbon dioxide and water. Then the bacteria eat the matrix itself and return unchanged to the local environment. There is no residue. Nothing to clean-up.

Test samples at 12 weeks indicted that S200 Oil Gone had halved the hydrocarbon loading to 18,000ppm.
At 20 weeks the TPH levels were at 12,000 and under the threshold of 10,000ppm within the 25 week target period.

With just 2 applications of S-200 OilGone, the target threshold of 10,000ppm was achieved within the 25 week target period

<10,000 ppm within 25 weeks

S-200 OilGone is selected by the Spanish Government  to clean up the Galician coastline after 17.8million US Gallons of Ce Oil  are spilled from the Prestige Tanker.

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