10 Days - Train Track Ballast Cleaned

High Oil Contaminants

Slick Solutions successfully re mediated and cleaned oil contaminants from the ballast and railroad ties (sleepers) in the primary Maintenance yard of the state railway company in Dublin, Ireland.

Day 1: In the summer of 2019, Slick Solutions inspects the contaminated track area. Diesel is the most prominent contaminant present with probable traces of hydraulic oils given the work carried out within the maintenance yard

Oil stained track ballast
Oil Buster encapsulates oil

Oil Buster Bonds to Oil

S-200 OilGone solution is sprayed over the surface of the contaminated area. The S-200 OilGone liquid immediately starts bonding with the spilled oils, taking it inside its matrix and starting the bio-remediation process.

With the S-200 OilGone acting as a hydrocarbon re-mediation catalyst, a version of PRP powder called “Oil Buster” was spread evenly over the area. Oil Buster is particularly suited to encapsulating (capturing) heavier category oils ranging from diesel all the way through to oils which may have metallic components.


10 Days Later

Day 10: The oil is gone. It was not mopped up or discarded elsewhere., rather it was completely bio-remediated. The contaminated oil, a hydrocarbon liquid was converted into carbon dioxide and water. There was no residue. Nothing to clean up.

The product technology that was used by Slick Solutions has been used by rail operators in other countries (93% of hydraulic, diesel and heavy motor oils are re mediated case study). Please refer to our website at www.slicksolutions.ie for information on product data and other case studies.

Oil eradicated in interceptor

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