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Slick Solutions is a specialist oil spill company founded by CEO Francis Fullen in 2015. From its operational base in Dublin, Ireland the team offers expert consultancy and a full bioremediation service.

The Slick Solutions mission is to restore and renew environments tainted by oil and diesel spills in an ecologically responsible way – entirely without the use of problematic detergents or chemical additives

We eradicate oil, petrol and diesel spills in soil, on water, on roads and railways. But it’s our approach that really sets us apart from other consultants. Scientifically innovative and reassuringly eco-friendly it uses microbiology to harness the power of nature’s own cleaning agents. This proven process is also remarkably effective and very simple to apply.

Investigate. Innovate. Remediate.

Slick Solutions is the agent for two popular American remediation treatments called PRP (Petroleum Remediation Product) and S-200 OilGone. Both products were developed to eradicate hydrocarbon spills, without resort to harmful substances.

Thanks to this game-changing breakthrough, oil contamination can be now treated in situ, utilising 100% environmentally friendly solutions, with completely natural, non-toxic liquid or powder treatments. It’s a process we call bioremediation.

Francis Fullen

Francis Fullen - Director of Slick Solutions

Slick Solutions uses technology developed in conjunction with NASA scientists. Our aim it to increase the use of environmentally and socially responsible products and services in the remediation of oil spills and contamination. Francis champions “Sprung Structures” the high tech environmentally friendly building system. An example of this technology was built at Blackrock College, one of Ireland’s most prestigious boys schools. With over 1000 pupils, the school has an illustrious sporting and academic history. In 2012, Blackrock College selected Sprung Structures to supply a fully insulated 1250 sqm sports hall. This multi-functional facility is marked out for basketball, volleyball, badminton and indoor soccer but critically, it is also designed for use as a meeting/exam/corporate hospitality venue. 

Blackrock College
S200 Bonding with Crude Oil - Kuwait

Thomas M.Eustace B.Comm M.B.S.

Technical Director specialising in the bio-remediation of Hydrocarbons:  In 2002, whilst working in the arena of life sciences namely in the area of biocompatible products and materials he was present at the evolution of crystal matrix technologies with the ability to bioremediate spilled oil and fuel.  Recognising the environmental significance of these developments he took on board the responsibility to work with various entities to bring this technology to market. In 2015 he brought this technology to Slick Solutions Ltd. For more information on his technical background please click the LinkedIn Icon below:

"Slick Solutions - Protecting the environment."

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