Petrol Non-Combustibility Attribute

Petrol becomes non-combustible when sprayed with S-200 OilGone. Petrol non-combustibility and bioremediation demonstration in the presence of Mumbai Port Trust, India 18th February 2019. After four minutes the petrol treated with S-200 OilGone will not ignite. S-200 OilGone also renders the oil non-viscous – it will not stick to any surface. The treated fuel cannot sink and will always stay on the surface. in addition the petrol will bioremediate into carbon CO2 and water within 3 to 4 days.

Cleans Oil from Grass

A major hydraulic oil spill occurred on the 10th Green of Milltown Golf Club in 2017.  Corrective procedures would normally take many months and cost many thousands of Euros.  Using S-200 OilGone, the hydraulic oil was completely eradicated, the Green only being out of play for a week.

Green only 4 days out of play

Motorway Oil Cleanup

S-200 OilGone quickly and safely removes spilled fuel and oil from Motorways.S-200 OIlGone bonds with (encapsulates) the oil and lifts it off the road’s surface. The oil becomes non-toxic and non-viscous and will bio-remediate into carbon dioxide and water. 

S-200 OilGone does not affect the asphalt in any way so there is no long term degradation of the road’s surface.   It also acts as a fire retardant in that any oil encapsulated within the S-200 matrix will not catch fire.

Once the encapsulation process is complete, circa 1 to 5 minutes, the oil / S-200 compound can safely be hosed to the side or into a standard drain. This approach road to the M1 in Dunleer Ireland took just under 40 minutes to completely clear of oil.

40 MInutes to reopen Slip Road

99% of Home Heating Oil Remediated

Spills and leaks from commercial and domestic oil tanks are a very common occurrence, caused either by the refilling of tanks or as the result of leaks. Very often old metal tanks corrode and start leaking oil onto the ground around the tank. S-200 OilGone eradicates the spilled fuel in situ and is safe to use around animals and all flora.

Cleans Domestic Heating Oil Spills

Oil pollution and wildlife

Watch how PRP Powder, a 100% environmentally safe product,  can clean oil and other hydrocarbons from the feathers of sea birds, safely, quickly and without in any way harming the bird or the integrity of their feathers.

Removes oil without damage

Coastal Oil & Motor Fuel Spill

In Black Sod Bay in County Mayo, Ireland, between 45 and 50 cars were transported from a neighbouring island destined for scrap. They were deposited at low tide on the shoreline to await transportation. As soon as the tide came in, it became apparent that oil, diesel, petrol had begun to seep from the vehicles. A natural disaster ensued.

Eradicates Oil & Protects the Coast

300 Litres Engine Oil Spillage

S-200 OilGone was selected to contain and eradicate naturally a 300 Litres engine oil spill that occurred at the Bega Creek, Bega town lakes and river in NSW, Australia

 The cleanup consists of eradicating engine oil spills that has covered the water surface and embedded itself onto the river banks and flora located there,

 S-200 OilGone was selected because of its impressive track record in being able to completely remediate the oil without damaging the local flora or fauna

Eradicates Engine Oil in Eco Sensitive area

After Treatment Safe to Drink

PRP Powder bonds with heavy Deepwater Horizon, Gulf of Mexico Crude Oil and encapsulates it, basically taking the oil inside its matrix, rendering the oil both non-toxic and non-viscous. The PRP / Oil matrix floats and will not sink. It separates from the water surface, leaving it and the water body as two different entities. The water now contains NO oil and is safe enough to drink. Likewise as the oil is encapsulated in the PRP matrix, NO oil will now stick t0 any birds landing in the treated area.  The Oil will fully remediate into carbon dioxide and water within a few days.

Prestige Spill: S-200 Cleans Beaches

The Prestige Oil Spill occurred on th 19th November, 2002 spilling some 17.8 million US Gallons of heavy crude oil off the coast of Galicia Spain.  Large amounts of his oil ended up on the Galician coast. The Department of National Parks in Spain, selected S-200 OilGone as the product of choice after carrying out 11 different tests over several months on a variety of oil bio-remediation products before choosing S-200 OilGone to clean the Spanish beaches

Cleans oil from Spahish beaches

93% saturated train oils eradicated

93% of hydraulic, diesel and heavy motor oils are remediated within 40 days. S-200 OilGone Liquid and PRP (Petroleum Remediation Product) Powder are in use with Amtrak throughout the United States. This case study shows the ease at which these spilled oils can be eradicated. Simply apply the product to the spills and leave it alone to do its work. The depot continues its work uninterrupted. Meanwhile our technology cleans up the depot in the background.

Eradicates Largest Oil Spill on River Boyne

On the 6 September 2007, an oil spill from a fuel dump leaks into the beautiful Boyne River, County Louth, Ireland. Local wildfowl and their nesting areas are endangered, as is the local water supply. The coastguards deploy conventional booms to contain the spill but decide against the use of conventional chemical detergents because of the obvious damage to flora and fauna. S-200 OilGone is selected as the product to use.

S-200 used to save wildlife

99.9% of Oil eradicated in Separator

  • The Interceptor treated was feed spilled oil into it from a secondary collection unit.
  • A 3m PRP Boom was placed in chamber 2 of the unit
    PRP powder was added to the surface of chamber 2 and 3.
  • After five months the units were inspected:
  • The fuel concentration as measured by Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons had fallen from a level of 29,900,000 microns per Litre (ug/l) to just 88.5 (ug/l) a decrease of 99.9%
  • Tests conducted by Biosearch Limited, Belfast, an independent analytical laboratory.
S-200 eradicates oil in interceptor

Kurnell Caltex Oil Refinery

A test batch of 500 cu metres of refinery contaminated soil was selected to trial the effectiveness of S200 Oil the Kurnell Caltex Refinery.

Contaminated soil from tank sediment, spills areas around leaky pipes and headers is deposited at the refinery land farm.
Average TPH loading is 36,000 ppm.
Target Total TPH is 10,000 ppm for refinery usage.
S-200 Oil Gone is applied initially and after 2 weeks with soil being turned over weekly.
Test samples at 12 weeks indicted that S-200 Oil Gone had halved the hydrocarbon loading to 18,000 ppm.
At 20 weeks the TPH levels were at 12,000 and under the threshold of 10,000 ppm within the 25 week target period
S-200 - Caltex NSW.

Cresol Wood Preservative

Cresol, is a type of preservative used to preserve wooden poles. Here it  has been sprayed with S-200 OilGone, a proactive bio-remediation liquid. The Cresol was left to bond with the S-200 for about ten minutes. This video shows the Cresol lifting off the concrete when rinsed with water and being eradicated by the S-200 OilGone. The Cresol will be turned into carbon dioxide and water. There will be no residue.