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S-200 Oilgone® Treats Hydraulic Oil Spill on a Golf Course

In January 2017, a contractor was hollow-coring the green at Milltown Golf Club in Dublin. The hydraulic oil pipe burst and was leaking oil onto the back wheels of the machine. The operator continued to drive up and down the green multiple times, leaving dark oily lines the length of the green. 

Oil damaged golf green

What happens when hydrocarbons spill on grass?

Within a couple of hours of spilling, hydrocarbons react with the oxygen in the air and start to turn acidic. If left untreated, this acid will burn the grass, kill the roots and also kill the nutrients in the soil. It is a regular sign to see bare patches of ground where petrol or diesel have spilt on grass. The soil is lifeless and take months to regenerate.

S-200 Oilgone

Andy Sheehan CGCS, Course Superintendent at Milltown Golf Club asked Slick Solutions to visit the club and to apply S-200 Oilgone® to the green. A total of 6l of product was sprayed onto the black lines. 

Within seconds of application, the S-200 Oilgone chemically bonds with the fuel, rendering it inert, non-combustible and incapable of doing any further damage to the grass or the environment. At this point the bioremediation process has commenced.

Damaged green

Rapid Progress

The images left and right show the state of the green approximately 10 days after the spill. The black lines/oil have gone and brown lines have taken their place. The grass is brown for three reasons: the grass was singed when the hot hydraulic oil was spilt; the grass was burned by the oil turning acidic; hydraulic oil contains tiny metallic shards, and these were rusting in the air. 

6 Weeks Later

Only six weeks after the spill, the green is looking immaculate, and at no stage was golf distupted.

“S-200 Oilgone® could be a game-changer for the green keeping industry”

Andrew Sheehan CGCS, Course Superintendent, Milltown GC, May 2017

Green repaired
Oil soaked grass is remediated using S-200 Oilgone

S-200 Oilgone® is available for sale by the litre bottle, in 10l, 20l and 1,000l containers.

Bulk discounts apply.
For further information on this product to to discuss your spill, please contact Francis on or Mob: 0035387 6345087

S-200 Oilgone