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Oil on Railing Tracks

Oil Buster®: The Organic Solution for Oil Spills on Hard Surfaces

What is Oil Buster®?

Oil Buster® is an organic bioremediation accelerator. Made from a combination of PRP® and ground corncob, it is used to absorb and remediate hydrocarbons from hard surfaces such as concrete and tarmac. Apply Oil Buster® by sprinkling the affected area.

Where can Oil Buster® be Used?

  • Domestic and commercial garages
  • Railway tracks and train stations
  • Vehicle maintenance facilities
  • Roads, motorways and driveways
  • Patios and footpaths
  • Petrol stations
Oil Buster®

Reduction of 1% of the oil in the first week and over 95% of the oil after 4 weeks

Tested for use by

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Inducted into the NASA Space Technology Hall of Fame April 2008