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United States Environmental Protection Agency:
2014 October – S-200 Oilgone® – Technical Product Data Sheet

Environmental Protection Agency

United States Department of Labor:
2011 Feb – PRP – Petroleum Remediation Product (PRP) – Material Safety Data Sheet

United States Department of Labor:
2011 Feb – PRP – Petroleum Remediation Product (PRP) – Material Safety Data Sheet

S-200 Oilgone® – Australian Government : Australian Maritime Safety Authority:
2014 May – AMSA (Australian Maritime Safety Authority ) – Letter of Acceptance. 

Australian Maritime Safety Authority

PRP® - NASA Hall of Fame

PRP® – Since 2006 it has been included in NASA internationally recognised and distributed spin off publication and is nominated in NASA’s Space Technology Hall of Fame. CLICK VIDEO BELOW

S-200 OilGone® has been accredited throughout Europe as a green chemical by the OSPAR HONCF convention. The Oslo Paris convention is overseen by the European Commission and Signatory Countries.

US Coastguard approves PRP® for use on the BP Gulf of Mexico Deep water Horizon spill, and for use on US coastal waters

S-200 Oilgone® – Director General : Ministry Public Works – Spain approves S-200 Oilgone for use on Spanish waters to clean up The Prestige oill spill

Min de Fomento

PRP – The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, also called the North Atlantic Alliance in protecting the region also takes on board that it needs to protect the environment.

NATO logo

S-200 Oilgone ® appears on pages 20 and 26 of the US EPA National Contingency Plan – full name is The National Oil and Hazardous Substances Pollution Contingency Plan. This is the federal government’s blueprint for responding to both oil spills and hazardous substance releases. The NCP is the result of efforts to develop a national response capability and promote coordination among the hierarchy of responders and contingency plans.

Environmental Protection Agency

Following The Prestige oil spill in 2002, the Spanish Government ran a global competition for find the most effective bioremediation accelerator. Eleven products were shortlisted, and after several months, S-200 Oilgone® was deemed to be the most effective, the Best in Class. Detailed reports available on request,

Following a significant diesel spill on the River Boyne, and the use of PRP to bioremediate the diesel on the river banks, Drogheda Council provided an endorsement for PRP


Certifications for S-200 Oilgone® and PRP®

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