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River Boyne Ol Spill

S-200 Oilgone® Remediates Major Diesel Spill on the Boyne River, Ireland


On Thursday the 6th of September, 2007 a large diesel spill occurred on the River Boyne in Drogheda, Ireland. The spill was reported to the environmental department of Drogheda Borough Council and an emergency action plan was enacted.

WHY CHOOSE S-200 Oilgone® and PRP?

Due to  the environmentally  sensitive  nature of the Boyne – it is a fresh water / salt water  interface and it has unique habitat  and  bird  sanctuaries – there was a requirement for a product  that  would break-up  and  clean  the  spill  without endangering the habitat of local wildlife. S-200 OilGone® was the product chosen to treat the diesel on the water, and PRP to treat the natural habitats of the birds


A coastguard helicopter was summoned to locate the source and extent of the slick. At this stage the slick was a few hundred square metres in size.

Booms were laid across the river to contain the diesel as much as possible. Local volunteers in small boats helped spray the surface of the diesel spill with S-200 Oilgone®. PRP was sprayed on the banks of the river and in the nesting areas of the birds. 

The whole process took just over THREE HOURS and was deemed a complete success.

Drogheda diesel spill on water treated by S-200


When S-200 Oilgone is sprayed on the diesel, it chemically bonds with it and vastly accelerates the bioremediation process.
What is bioremediation? See our FAQs.

PRP takes oil safely off bird feathers

VIDEO: made by a US based bird conservation organisation demonstrating how PRP takes oil off the feathers of birds, with no damage to the feathers or the oils that naturally protect the bird

Product renders oil & petrol non-combustible

When S-200 Oilgone is sprayed on diesel, petrol, crude oil or any hydrocarbon, it chemically bonds with it and renders it inert, including non-combustible.

VIDEO:  crude oil rendered non-combustible using S-200 Oilgone.

VIDEO:  petrol rendered non-combustible using S-200 Oilgone

Protecting wildlife and sea birds

Slick Solutions removed oil from bird feathers and nesting areas using PRP. Simply apply to nesting areas and let it eradicate the oil without disturbing or damaging the birds. The wild fowl suffered no stress during this procedure and their nesting areas were completely cleared of oil.

VIDEO: a short video on PRP demonstrating the multiple applications of this product on water, in boats and on wildlife. 

S-200 Oilgone is available for sale by the litre bottle, in 10l, 20l and 1,000l containers.

Bulk discounts apply. For further information on this product to to discuss your spill, please contact Francis on or Mob: 00 353 87 6345087

S-200 Oilgone
River Boyne