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Treating Engine Oil Spills from Wind Turbines

Treating Engine Oil Spills from Wind Turbines

Wind turbines generate green electricity. However in order for those blades to keep on turning, engine oil is required. From time to time the engine oil discharges and can be sprayed over a wide area from the turbine, carried by the wind.

Case Study – The Problem

A major wind farm operator in Ireland contacted Slick Solutions recently regarding the clean up of a spill of engine oil from one of its wind turbines.  The engine oil had leaked from the motor, 80m above ground, and the oil spill was carried on the wind onto fields surrounding wind turbines. The oil had landed in spots over an affected area of approximately three football fields.

Case Study – The Options Facing the Client

The client informed me that they had two options:

  • Contacting a conventional environmental clean up company, which would have excavated approx 10cm of soil from the entire affected area, shipped it off-site to be treated in Ireland or abroad, at a cost of an estimated €250,000
  • Contacting Slick Solutions, to apply our organic bioremediation accelerator, S-200 Oilgone, to the contaminated spots, thereby rendering the fuel inert and treating the oil spill in situ, at a tiny fraction of the cost of the “dig and dump” option.

The company decided on the environmentally friendly and cost effective way and called Slick Solutions.

Case Study – The Solution

The area around the wind turbine was examined with the Site Supervisor, and the contaminated crescent of land identified. Some areas there more affected than others.

S-200 Oilgone, an organic bioremediaton accelerator, was decanted into sprayers and the team from Slick Solutions walked the land, spraying each splash of oil individually.

The entire process required approximately 300l of S-200 Oilgone, but which point all contaminated grass, hedges and ditches had been sprayed.

S-200 Comparison Table
S-200 Oilgone®

S-200 Oilgone® is available for sale by the litre bottle, in 10l, 20l and 1,000l containers.

Bulk discounts apply. For further information on this product to to discuss your spill, please contact Francis on or Mob: 00 353 87 6345087