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Oil covered railway lines treated with PRP

Railway Maintenance Track Cleaned Using S-200 Oilgone® and Oilbuster®

Oilbuster® is used extensively in the USA to keep railway lines clean. Train engines discharge oil and diesel on the tracks as they travel, and leak significant amounts of oil as they sit in stations and sidings. 

Cleaning oil off tracks can be a time consuming and expensive process.

Oilbuster can be shaken onto railway lines and immediately absorbs the diesel and the oil. 

Below is a case study video showing how efficiently Oilbuster can clean heavily contaminated tracks.

oilbuster treats oil spills on railway lines and on concrete and asphalt surfaces

Watch this VIDEO to see how Oilbuster® cleans years of heavy oil and diesel spills off railway tracks, ballast and stones.

Years of spills had left inches of thick hydrocarbons on the tracks with the railway sleepers hardly visible.

In approximately 40 days, over 80% of the oil had been remediated.

The image on the left is a familiar one.

Railway sidings used for years are saturated with oil and diesel.

Generally railway companies put absorbent matting between the rails, but this is a stop-gap measure at best.

The images below illustrate our organic and green solution to the cleaning of railway lines.

PRP sprayed on diesel will clean it

Oilbuster® is spread evenly over the surface of the railway tracks. This can be done by hand or with some sort of garden sprayed.

The PRP crystals, made from a base of beeswax, absorb the oil and start the bioremediation process.

Heavy oils will be substantially remediated in 30-40 days. There will be no residue.

Once the track has been cleaned, we recommend our matting and Oilbuster® combination to keep the tracks clean on an on-going basis.

This matting system is most appropriate for stations, where static trains can discharge oil.

The matting has holes in it, which are filled with Oilbuster®. As the diesel falls onto the ground, it is immediately absorbed by the PRP, and remediated. The matting needs to be resprayed with Oilbuster® from time to time.

spraying PRP on railway line to clean oil spill
PRP will clean oil and diesel from railway lines
PRP and matting on railway siding
oilbuster treats oil spills on railway lines and on concrete and asphalt surfaces
oilbuster can remediate oil and diesel on concrete and railway lines

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