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The Power of Nature and NASA


Slick Solutions provides expert, comprehensive oil spill response – locally and internationally.

NASAOn land or on water, our team have the knowledge to analyse, prevent, assess, monitor and bioremediate hydrocarbon spills of any type. By applying cutting-edge advances in micro-biology developed for the NASA space shuttle program, our products use nature’s own microscopic cleaning agents to break down pollutants in situ, leaving only carbon dioxide and water.

Slick Solutions Services provide:

  • An extensive sales service package including initial soil and water sampling – with analytical testing by accredited laboratories to determine the level of contamination before treatment begins. This assessment is repeated afterwards to ensure that remediation is complete.
  • The application and replacement of products.
  • Full monitoring of the remediation process.
  • A turnkey service, providing environmentally safe, cost effective and practical solutions to all hydrocarbon spill incidents.
  • An ongoing consultancy service, providing specialist bespoke advice on spill prevention measures.

Slick Solutions is the European agent for Nanobite products.
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